Goldberg Over Boxer

What Neil Goldberg stands for

goldbergoverboxer-03If you know anything about the kind of man that Neil Goldberg is, then you already know at least some of the things he stands for and that he hopes to bring to Congress once he gets the votes. However, there are also those of you who do not know too much about Neil and who could use to learn more about what kind of a man he is and what he stands for. You vote for people because of what they stand for and you will vote for Goldberg over Boxer once you learn what he stands for.

For one, Neil Goldberg stands for a strong America, for the USA that is not afraid of pressures from abroad and who knows how to stand its ground when the dark forces amass and show their teeth. Neil Goldberg believes that these are the times when the US shows its teeth back instead of running away with its tail between its legs. Neil Goldberg believes that the US stands for freedom and democracy and that this world needs us in order to stay safe and to stay fair. Neil Goldberg believes in America that protects its people abroad and that helps its allies in everything they need.

Neil Goldberg believes in America that has been outlined all these centuries ago. Neil Goldberg believes in a country where you are free to choose what you will pay for and what you will not. Neil Goldberg believes in the country where the little man is allowed to run his business as he sees fit and where this little man does not have to worry about government swooping in and telling him that they need him to do this or that. Neil Goldberg believes in the community that allows people to grow, to prosper and to contribute to that same community.

goldbergoverboxer-02Neil Goldberg believes in the sanctity of life. Neil Goldberg believes that every child has the right to be born and that no one has the prerogative or the right to refuse that life its fulfillment. Being pro-life does not mean that we are telling people what to do, we are telling people that sometimes, only God is to be asked and only God can decide.

Neil Goldberg believes in God, in Our Lord Jesus Christ as his son and in the Christian church that helped build this country and that has been keeping it healthy and prosperous all these years. Neil Goldberg does not think that other religions are bad or that people should not believe what they believe, but Neil Goldberg  believes that Christianity is the only religion that is at the core of the USA.

And Neil Goldberg stands by everything he believes in and so do we, his friends, his followers, his family. Neil Goldberg will bring all of this to the Congress if you elect him and he will help heal this nation and make it great once again.

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